[openstack-dev] [Openstack] [openstack] [murano] Deployment of Environment gives [yaql.exceptions.YaqlExecutionException]: Unable to run values error

Sumanth Sathyanarayana sumanth.sathyanarayana at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 06:08:09 UTC 2015


I am trying to add a simple app like MySql into a new enviroment from the
murano dashboard and trying to deploy the environment and I get the error -
"[yaql.exceptions.YaqlExecutionException]: Unable to run values"

I saw that this error/bug was already reported some time back and made sure
that my code has the changes mentioned in:
- Bug#1364446*


*But I still am getting the error even after restarting the murano-engine
and murano-api services. If anyone has any suggestion on how to deploy a
new environment, it would be very helpful.*

*Thanks & Best Regards*
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