[openstack-dev] [new][kolla] Work for new contributors to Koala

Steven Dake (stdake) stdake at cisco.com
Sun Oct 11 04:36:48 UTC 2015

Hi folks,

We have had about five new ATCs to Kolla over the last month.  The four biggest impact areas for new contributors to make an improvement in the code is related to:

  *   Documentation
  *   Functional gating
  *   Docker containers
  *   Ansible roles for the Docker containers

I have noticed that the new successful contributors start out writing documentation for the Kolla project.  Interestingly most of these new contributors are in APAC; therefore English is a second language.  What is fascinating is these contributors make the best of it, and through our native English speaker reviewers produce high quality native-speaking documentation here:


One immediate area folks could help out if they want to improve the Kolla project Is writing per-service documentation that follows the style here:


We need documentation for the following services:
HA Guide
Design Guide

If your not a native english speaker, it is no problem!  One of the core reviewers that is a native english speaker will be happy to offer editing suggestions on grammar/spelling/syntax. The hard part is the technical aspect of things, which is where you can really help out!  Once some documentation work is done, the new contributors generally have a much better understanding of Kolla which puts you in a position to make bigger impacts around Kolla's other 3 focus areas.

If your a new OpenStack developer looking for a hot OpenStack project to work on with a fantastic friendly enthusiastic community that will allow you to obtain mastery in Container based software deployment, OpenStack deployment, Docker, and Ansible, Kolla could use your attention.


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