[openstack-dev] Scheduler proposal

Chris Friesen chris.friesen at windriver.com
Sat Oct 10 06:16:43 UTC 2015

On 10/09/2015 07:29 PM, Clint Byrum wrote:

> Even if you figured out how to make the in-memory scheduler crazy fast,
> There's still value in concurrency for other reasons. No matter how
> fast you make the scheduler, you'll be slave to the response time of
> a single scheduling request. If you take 1ms to schedule each node
> (including just reading the request and pushing out your scheduling
> result!) you will never achieve greater than 1000/s. 1ms is way lower
> than it's going to take just to shove a tiny message into RabbitMQ or
> even 0mq. So I'm pretty sure this is o-k for small clouds, but would be
> a disaster for a large, busy cloud.
> If, however, you can have 20 schedulers that all take 10ms on average,
> and have the occasional lock contention for a resource counter resulting
> in 100ms, now you're at 2000/s minus the lock contention rate. This
> strategy would scale better with the number of compute nodes, since
> more nodes means more distinct locks, so you can scale out the number
> of running servers separate from the number of scheduling requests.

As far as I can see, moving to an in-memory scheduler is essentially orthogonal 
to allowing multiple schedulers to run concurrently.  We can do both.


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