[openstack-dev] Blueprint to change (expand) traditional Ethernet interface naming schema in Fuel

Sergey Vasilenko svasilenko at mirantis.com
Fri Oct 9 19:30:09 UTC 2015

> >    I would like to pay your attention to the changing interface naming
> >    schema, which is proposed to be implemented in FuelA [1].A In brief,
> >    Ethernet network interfaces may not be named as ethX, and there is a
> >    reported bug about itA [2]
> >    There are a lot of reasons to switch to the new naming schema, not
> only
> >    because it has been used in CentOS 7 (and probably will be used in
> next
> >    Ubuntu LTS), but becauseA new naming schema gave more predictable
> >    interface namesA [3]. There is a reported bug related to the topicA
> [4]

L23network module is a interface naming scheme agnostic.
Only bridge and bond interface name protection found -- You can't call bond
or bridge like 'enp2s0', because this name reserved for NICs.

> You might be interested to look at the os-net-config tool - we faced this
> exact same issue with TripleO, and solved it via os-net-config, which
> provides abstractions for network configuration, including mapping device
> aliases (e.g "nic1") to real NIC names (e.g "em1" or whatever).
> https://github.com/openstack/os-net-config
It's interesting project. Proposed format for network configuration, so
interesting, but...
Project too young. And doesn't allow to configure some things, that
L23network already support.
Main problem of this project -- is a approach to change interface options
options. They doesn't use prefetch/flush mechanics as in the puppet. They
just executing commands for change, instead in most cases. Such approach
doesn't allow re-configure existing cloud properly, if one under production

I can support config format from os-net-config as additional network scheme
format too, but, IMHO, this hierarchical format not so convenient as flat.

NIC mapping, in Nailgun, already implemented in the template-networking. If
wee need use it for another cases -- ask Alexey Kasatkin, please.

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