[openstack-dev] [CI] Try to introduce RFC mechanism to CI.

Tang Chen tangchen at cn.fujitsu.com
Fri Oct 9 09:00:27 UTC 2015


CI systems will run tests for each patch once it is submitted or modified.
But most CI systems occupy a lot of resource, and take a long time to
run tests (1 or 2 hours for one patch).

I think, not all the patches submitted need to be tested. Even those 
with an approved BP and spec may be reworked for 20+ versions. So I think
CI should support a RFC (Require For Comments) mechanism for developers
to submit and review the code detail and rework. When the patches are
fully ready, I mean all reviewers have agreed on the implementation detail,
then CI will test the patches. For a 20+ version patch-set, maybe 3 or 4 
of tests are enough. Just test the last 3 or 4 versions.

This can significantly reduce CI overload.

This workflow appears in many other OSS communities, such as Linux kernel,
qemu and libvirt. Testers won't test patches with a [RFC] tag in the 
commit message.
So I want to enable CI to support a similar mechanism.

I'm not sure if it is a good idea. Please help to review the following BP.



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