[openstack-dev] Requests + urllib3 + distro packages

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Fri Oct 9 00:57:17 UTC 2015

On 10/08/2015 08:39 PM, Robert Collins wrote:
> This is a bugbear that keeps cropping up and biting us. I'm hoping we
> can figure out a permanent fix.
> The problem that occurs is the result of a few interacting things:
>   - requests has very very specific versions of urllib3 it works with.
> So specific they aren't always released yet.
>   - Linux vendors often unbundle urllib3 from requests and then apply
> what patches were needed to their urllib3; while not updating their
> requests package dependencies to reflect this.
>   - we use urllib3 in some places and requests in others (but we don't
> mix them up)
>   - if for any reason we have a distro-altered requests + a
> pip-installed urllib3, requests will [usually] break... see the 'not
> always released yet' key thing above.
> Now, there are lots of places this last thing can happen; they all
> depend on us having a dependency on requests that is compatible with
> the version installed by the distro, but a urllib3 dependency that
> triggers an upgrade of just urllib3. When constraints are in use, the
> requests version has to match the distro requests version exactly, but
> that will happen from time to time.
> e.g.
>   - dvsm test jobs where the base image already has python-requests
> installed in it

We're working hard to get to the point where this one goes away, fwiw.

>   - virtualenvs where system-site-packages are enabled

These make the easter bunny have sad.

> There are a few strategies that have been proposed to fix this. AIUI they are:
>   - make sure none of our testing environments include distro requests packages.


>   - make our requirements be tightly matched to what requests needs to
> deal with the unbundling
>   - teach pip how to identify and avoid this situation by always
> upgrading requests (even if thats just a re-install of the version
> from PyPI) when the installed requests is a distro installed version
> **and** urllib3 is being modified.
>   - get the distros to stop un-vendoring urllib3
> The first one addresses the situation for the CI gate but doesn't
> avoid developers getting bitten on their local machines. And
> installing any distro thing that uses requests would re-instate the
> potential for breakage. So while its not harmful, I don't think its
> sufficient to make this go away.
> The second is trivially insufficient - anytime requests vendored
> urllib3 is not precisely identical to a released urllib3, it becomes
> impossible to satisfy that via dependency version pinning - the only
> way to satisfy it is with the urllib3 in the distro that has whatever
> change was needed included.
> The third approach will require some negotiation I suspect - because
> its aesthetically wrong: from an upstream perspective urllib3 is
> independent of requests, and vice-versa, but from a distro perspective
> they are tightly coupled, no variation permitted.
> The fourth approach meets the stone wall of 'but security' and 'no
> redundancy permitted' - I don't have the energy to try and get through
> the near-religious mindset I've encountered there before, though hey -
> if Fedora and Debian and Ubuntu folk are all interested in figuring
> out a sustainable way forward, that would be great: please don't feel
> cut out, I'm just not expecting anything.
> If there are other approaches, great - please throw them up here.

I've got nothing. I'll continue hacking on #1 just because GATE. But I 
agree, it's necessary but not sufficient.

Thanks for the writeup.

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