[openstack-dev] conflicting names in python-openstackclient: could we have some exception handling please?

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Tue Oct 6 21:15:14 UTC 2015


tl;dr: let's add a exception handling so that python-*client having
conflicting command names isn't a problem anymore, and "openstack help"
always work as much as it can.

Longer version:

This is just a suggestion for contributors to python-openstackclient.

I saw a few packages that had conflicts with the namespace of others
within openstackclient. To the point that typing "openstack help" just
fails. Here's an example:

# openstack help
[ ...]
  project create  Create new project
  project delete  Delete project(s)
  project list   List projects
  project set    Set project properties
  project show   Display project details
Could not load EntryPoint.parse('ptr_record_list =
'ArgumentParser' object has no attribute 'debug'

This first happened to me with saharaclient. Lucky, upgrading to latest
version fixed it. Then I had the problem with zaqarclient, which I fixed
with a few patches to its setup.cfg. Then now designate, but this time,
patching setup.cfg doesn't seem to cut it (ie: after changing the name
of the command, "openstack help" just fails).

Note: I don't care which project is at fault, this isn't the point here.
The point is that command name conflicts aren't handled (see below)
which is the problem.

With Horizon being a large consumer of nearly all python-*client
packages, removing one of them also removes Horizon in my CI which is
not what I want to (or can) do to debug a tempest problem. End of the
story: since Liberty b3, I never could have "openstack help" to work
correctly in my CI... :(

Which leads me to write this:

Since we have a very large amount of projects, with each and everyone of
them adding new commands to openstackclient, I would really nice if we
could have some kind of checks to make sure that conflicts are either 1/
not possible or 2/ handled gracefully.

Your thoughts?

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

P.S: It wasn't the point of this message, but do we have a fix for
designateclient? It'd be nice to have this fixed before Liberty is out.

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