[openstack-dev] [Ironic] backwards compat issue with PXEDeply and AgentDeploy drivers

Devananda van der Veen devananda.vdv at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 00:24:38 UTC 2015

tldr; the boot / deploy interface split we did broke an out of tree driver.
I've proposed a patch. We should get a fix into stable/liberty too.

Longer version...

I was rebasing my AMTTool driver [0] on top of master because the in-tree
one still does not work for me, only to discover that my driver suddenly
failed to deploy. I have filed this bug
because we broke at least one out of tree driver (mine). I highly suspect
we've broken many other out of tree drivers that relied on either the
PXEDeploy or AgentDeploy interfaces that were present in Kilo release. Both
classes in Liberty are making explicit calls to "task.driver.boot" -- and
kilo-era driver classes did not define this interface.

I worked out a patch for the AgentDeploy driver and have proposed it here:

I'd like to ask folks to review it quickly -- we should fix this ASAP and
backport it to stable/liberty before the next release, if possible. We
should also make a similar fix for the PXEDeploy class. If anyone gets to
this before I do, please reply here and let me know so we don't duplicate

Also, Jim already spotted something in the review that is a bit concerning.
It seems like the IloVirtualMediaAgentVendorInterface class expects the
driver it is attached to *not* to have a boot interface and *not* to call
boot.clean_up_ramdisk. Conversely, other drivers may be expecting
AgentVendorInterface to call boot.clean_up_ramdisk -- since that was its
default behavior in Kilo. I'm not sure what the right way to fix this is,
but I lean towards updating the in-tree driver so we remain
backwards-compatible for out of tree drivers.


[0] https://github.com/devananda/ironic/tree/new-amt-driver
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