[openstack-dev] I love csv output in openstackclient, please never removed it

Dean Troyer dtroyer at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 16:18:55 UTC 2015

On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 11:03 AM, Doug Hellmann <doug at doughellmann.com>

> Devstack should also look at using the shell output formatter,
> especially for show commands. Combining that formatter with eval means
> no parsing in a lot of cases.

It may in places, but it turns out the 'value' formatter is most useful,
especially in the get_or_create_* functions where you really only need a
single value, avoids an eval or extra subshell.

        # Creates new group with --or-show
        openstack --os-token=$OS_TOKEN --os-url=$os_url \
            --os-identity-api-version=3 group create $1 \
            --domain $2 --description "$desc" --or-show \
            -f value -c id
    echo $group_id



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