[openstack-dev] [Neutron] AZ Support

Gary Kotton gkotton at vmware.com
Mon Oct 5 13:32:01 UTC 2015

On 10/5/15, 3:21 AM, "Ihar Hrachyshka" <ihrachys at redhat.com> wrote:

>> On 04 Oct 2015, at 19:21, Gary Kotton <gkotton at vmware.com> wrote:
>> Sorry, it is not a result of the AZ support (humble apologies)
>> It is a result of https://review.openstack.org/#/c/226362/
>So you use DHCP agent with non-ml2 plugin, and it broke you. Do you think
>it¹s ok for you to change the RPC topic to work with Mitaka, or we¹ll
>need to handle it more gracefully, f.e. by detecting the reply timeout
>and switching back to the old topic?

My thinking is that we should fail to use the old topic. But then again, I
would expect that the Neutron service would first be upgraded and then the
agents. Updating the agents first would be a recipe for disaster.


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