[openstack-dev] [neutron + ovn] Does neutron ovn plugin support to setup multiple neutron networks for one container?

Russell Bryant rbryant at redhat.com
Fri Oct 2 15:27:30 UTC 2015

On 09/27/2015 04:18 PM, Russell Bryant wrote:
> On 09/27/2015 06:50 AM, Kevin Benton wrote:
>> Assuming it implements the normal provider networks API, you just
>> specify the segmentation_id when you create the network. 
>> neutron net-create NET_NAME --provider:network_type vlan
>> --provider:physical_network physnet1 --provider:segmentation_id VLAN_TAG
> Yes, the OVN plugin will implement the normal provider networks API.
> It's a WIP.
> My first goal was to just implement support for "--provider:network_type
> flat" end to end.  I have the OVN side merged and now I'm working on the
> Neutron plugin piece.  Once that's done, I'll go back add add VLAN
> support, which shouldn't be very difficult at that point.  I'm aiming to
> have all of that done by the Tokyo summit (among other things).

Just as a brief follow-up here, I finished the VLAN provider network
support for OVN here:


I also wrote an OVN tutorial this week.  Examples 4 and 5 cover how
provider networks are modeled in OVN.


I have the Neutron API patch posted here:


I did the patch before I finished the VLAN support.  Adding the VLAN bit
will be a trivial update, though.

Russell Bryant

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