[openstack-dev] Do not modify (or read) ERROR_ON_CLONE in devstack gate jobs

Takashi Yamamoto yamamoto at midokura.com
Thu Oct 1 04:04:26 UTC 2015


you removed networking-midonet tempest jobs for the reason. [1]
i want to revive them.  but i'm not sure what methods are acceptable or not.
can you explain a little?

i did some research of other repos.
- networking-ovn seems to use a raw "git clone" command to fetch
openvswitch repo
- networking-odl seems to fetch a zip from their site.  it also seems
to do some magic with maven.

if ovn's way is acceptable, it's the easiest for us (midonet) to follow.

odl's way is also ok for us to follow if acceptable. however,
in the commit message [1] you seem saying we (openstack) need to have
a maven mirror.
does it apply to odl as well?
[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/227401/

On Fri, Sep 25, 2015 at 12:24 AM, James E. Blair <corvus at inaugust.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently we noted some projects modifying the ERROR_ON_CLONE environment
> variable in devstack gate jobs.  It is never acceptable to do that.  It
> is also not acceptable to read its value and alter a program's behavior.
> Devstack is used by developers and users to set up a simple OpenStack
> environment.  It does this by cloning all of the projects' git repos and
> installing them.
> It is also used by our CI system to test changes.  Because the logic
> regarding what state each of the repositories should be in is
> complicated, that is offloaded to Zuul and the devstack-gate project.
> They ensure that all of the repositories involved in a change are set up
> correctly before devstack runs.  However, they need to be identified in
> advance, and to ensure that we don't accidentally miss one, the
> ERROR_ON_CLONE variable is checked by devstack and if it is asked to
> clone a repository because it does not already exist (i.e., because it
> was not set up in advance by devstack-gate), it fails with an error
> message.
> If you encounter this, simply add the missing project to the $PROJECTS
> variable in your job definition.  There is no need to detect whether
> your program is being tested and alter its behavior (a practice which I
> gather may be popular but is falling out of favor).
> -Jim
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