[openstack-dev] Announcing Liberty RC1 availability in Debian

Tom Fifield tom at openstack.org
Thu Oct 1 01:50:50 UTC 2015

On 30/09/15 19:58, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> 1/ Announcement
> ===============
> I'm pleased to announce, in advance of the final Liberty release, that
> Liberty RC1 not only has been fully uploaded to Debian Experimental, but
> also that the Tempest CI (which I maintain and is a package only CI, no
> deployment tooling involved), shows that it's also fully installable and
> working. There's still some failures, but these are, I am guessing, not
> due to problems in the packaging, but rather some Tempest setup problems
> which I intend to address.
> If you want to try out Liberty RC1 in Debian, you can either try it
> using Debian Sid + Experimental (recommended), or use the Jessie
> backport repository built out of Mirantis Jenkins server. Repositories
> are listed at this address:
> http://liberty-jessie.pkgs.mirantis.com/
> 2/ Quick note about Liberty Debian repositories
> ===============================================
> During Debconf 15, someone reported that the fact the Jessie backports
> are on a Mirantis address is disturbing.
> Note that, while the above really is a non-Debian (ie: non official
> private) repository, it only contains unmodified source packages, only
> just rebuilt for Debian Stable. Please don't be afraid by the tainted
> "mirantis.com" domain name, I could have as well set a debian.net
> address (which has been on my todo list for a long time). But it is
> still Debian only packages. Everything there is strait out of Debian
> repositories, nothing added, modified or removed.
> I believe that Liberty release in Sid, is currently working very well,
> but I haven't tested it as much as the Jessie backport.
> Started with the Kilo release, I have been uploading packages to the
> official Debian backports repositories. I will do so as well for the
> Liberty release, after the final release is out, and after Liberty is
> fully migrated to Debian Testing (the rule for stable-backports is that
> packages *must* be available in Testing *first*, in order to provide an
> upgrade path). So I do expect Liberty to be available from
> jessie-backports maybe a few weeks *after* the final Liberty release.
> Before that, use the unofficial Debian repositories.
> 3/ Horizon dependencies still in NEW queue
> ==========================================
> It is also worth noting that Horizon hasn't been fully FTP master
> approved, and that some packages are still remaining in the NEW queue.
> This isn't the first release with such an issue with Horizon. I hope
> that 1/ FTP masters will approve the remaining packages son 2/ for
> Mitaka, the Horizon team will care about freezing external dependencies
> (ie: new Javascript objects) earlier in the development cycle. I am
> hereby proposing that the Horizon 3rd party dependency freeze happens
> not later than Mitaka b2, so that we don't experience it again for the
> next release. Note that this problem affects both Debian and Ubuntu, as
> Ubuntu syncs dependencies from Debian.
> 5/ New packages in this release
> ===============================
> You may have noticed that the below packages are now part of Debian:
> - Manila
> - Aodh
> - ironic-inspector
> - Zaqar (this one is still in the FTP masters NEW queue...)
> I have also packaged a few more, but there are still blockers:
> - Congress (antlr version is too low in Debian)
> - Mistral
> 6/ Roadmap for Liberty final release
> ====================================
> Next on my roadmap for the final release of Liberty, is finishing to
> upgrade the remaining components to the latest version tested in the
> gate. It has been done for most OpenStack deliverables, but about a
> dozen are still in the lowest version supported by our global-requirements.
> There's also some remaining work:
> - more Neutron drivers
> - Gnocchi
> - Address the remaining Tempest failures, and widen the scope of tests
> (add Sahara, Heat, Swift and others to the tested projects using the
> Debian package CI)
> I of course welcome everyone to test Liberty RC1 before the final
> release, and report bugs on the Debian bug tracker if needed.
> Also note that the Debian packaging CI is fully free software, and part
> of Debian as well (you can look into the openstack-meta-packages package
> in git.debian.org, and in openstack-pkg-tools). Contributions in this
> field are also welcome.
> 7/ Thanks to Canonical & every OpenStack upstream projects
> ==========================================================
> I'd like to point out that, even though I did the majority of the work
> myself, for this release, there was a way more collaboration with
> Canonical on the dependency chain. Indeed, for this Liberty release,
> Canonical decided to upload every dependency to Debian first, and then
> only sync from it. So a big thanks to the Canonical server team for
> doing community work with me together. I just hope we could push this
> even further, especially trying to have consistency for Nova and Neutron
> binary package names, as it is an issue for Puppet guys.
> Last, I would like to hereby thanks everyone who helped me fixing issues
> in these packages. Thank you if you've been patient enough to explain,
> and for your understanding when I wrongly thought an issue was upstream
> when it really was in really in the packages. Thank you, IRC people, you
> are all awesome guys!
> 8/ Note about Mirantis OpenStack 7.0 and 8.0
> ============================================
> When reading these words, MOS and Fuel 7.0 should already be out. For
> this release, lots of package sources have been taken directly from
> Debian. It is on our roadmap to push this effort even further for MOS
> 8.0 (working over Trusty). I am please that this happens, so that the
> community version of OpenStack (ie: the Debian OpenStack) will have the
> benefits of more QA. I also hope that the project of doing packaging on
> upstream OpenStack Gerrit with gating will happen at least for a few
> packages during the Mitaka cycle, and that Debian will become the common
> community platform for OpenStack as I always wanted it to be.
> Happy OpenStack Liberty hacking,
> Thomas Goirand (zigo)

Great work Thomas!

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