[openstack-dev] [releases] Release countdown for week R-19, Nov 23-27

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Wed Nov 18 22:09:58 UTC 2015


We are currently working towards the Mitaka 1 milestone scheduled
for Dec 1-3. Teams should be focusing on wrapping up incomplete
work left over from the end of the Liberty cycle, finalizing and
announcing plans from the summit, and completing specs and blueprints.

Keep in mind that the US Thanksgiving holiday is Nov 26-27, and
that may affect review times for work being completed before the

Release Actions

We will be using the openstack/releases repository to manage the
Mitaka 1 milestone tags. I will send out a separate email with more
detailed instructions the week before the milestone.

We will be using reno instead of launchpad for tracking completed
work, so please make sure any release notes for work already done
this cycle are committed to your master branches before proposing
the milestone tag.

All deliverables should have reno configured before Mitaka 1. See
for details, and follow up on that thread with questions. We're
making good progress on this, but have a ways to go.

Review stable/liberty branches for patches that have landed since
the last release and determine if your deliverables need new tags.

Important Dates

US Holiday: Nov 26-27 (the end of week R-19)

Mitaka 1: Dec 1-3 (1 week later)

Mitaka release schedule: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Mitaka_Release_Schedule

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