[openstack-dev] [Senllin][Magnum]Add container type profile to Senlin

Haiwei Xu hai-xu at xr.jp.nec.com
Fri Nov 6 06:05:17 UTC 2015

Hi all,

As we know, currently Senlin supports two kind of profiles: Nova instance and
Heat stack, of course, we want to support container. After back from the summit,
I discussed it with a Magnum Core yuanying, we reached an agreement that adding
a container type profile support in Senlin. Maybe this idea is already thought about by you
Our general idea is Senlin makes a request to Docker API to start/from a container to/from
a Magnum Bay, the container will be shown in the senlin node-list like nova instance
And heat stack, and can also be added to one cluster or doing auto-scaling.
Here is the profile file example:

type: os.magnum.swarm.container
version: 1.0
  bay_id: swarm_bay
  compose_file: docker-compose.yaml


type: os.magnum.kubernetes.container
version: 1.0
  bay_id: kubernetes_bay
  manifest: replication_controller.yaml

We will support two kinds of container creation.
What is your thought about this? Any comments are welcome.


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