[openstack-dev] [new][cloudpulse] Announcing a project to HealthCheck OpenStack deployments

Vinod Pandarinathan (vpandari) vpandari at cisco.com
Tue May 12 17:20:12 UTC 2015


  I'm pleased to announce the development of a new project called CloudPulse.  CloudPulse provides Openstack
health-checking services to both operators, tenants, and applications. This project will begin as
a StackForge project based upon an empty cookiecutter[1] repo.  The repos to work in are:
Server:   https://github.com/stackforge/cloudpulse
Client:     https://github.com/stackforge/python-cloudpulseclient

Please join us via iRC on #openstack-cloudpulse on freenode.

I am holding a doodle poll to select times for our first meeting the week after summit.  This doodle poll will close May 24th and meeting times will be announced on the mailing list at that time.  At our first IRC meeting,
we will draft additional core team members, so if your interested in joining a fresh new development effort, please attend our first meeting.
Please take a moment if your interested in CloudPulse to fill out the doodle poll here:


The initial core team is composed of
Ajay Kalambur,
Behzad Dastur, Ian Wells, Pradeep chandrasekhar, Steven Dake and Vinod Pandarinathan.
I expect more members to join during our initial meeting.

 A little bit about CloudPulse:
 Cloud operators need notification of OpenStack failures before a customer reports the failure. Cloud operators can then take timely corrective actions with minimal disruption to applications.  Many cloud applications, including
those I am interested in (NFV) have very stringent service level agreements.  Loss of service can trigger contractual
costs associated with the service.  Application high availability requires an operational OpenStack Cloud, and the reality
is that occascionally OpenStack clouds fail in some mysterious ways.  This project intends to identify when those failures
occur so corrective actions may be taken by operators, tenants, and the applications themselves.

OpenStack is considered healthy when OpenStack API services respond appropriately.  Further OpenStack is
healthy when network traffic can be sent between the tenant networks and can access the Internet.  Finally OpenStack
is healthy when all infrastructure cluster elements are in an operational state.

For information about blueprints check out:

For more details, check out our Wiki:

Plase join the CloudPulse team in designing and implementing a world-class Carrier Grade system for checking
the health of OpenStack clouds.  We look forward to seeing you on IRC on #openstack-cloudpulse.

Vinod Pandarinathan
[1] https://github.com/openstack-dev/cookiecutter

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