[openstack-dev] Newb looking to contribute

Adam Young ayoung at redhat.com
Mon Jun 29 16:04:10 UTC 2015

On 06/27/2015 11:06 AM, Jeff Learman wrote:
> I'm an OpenStack newbie, but a seasoned programmer with decades of 
> experience in data communications (especially IP stack lower layers) 
> and embedded systems.  I'm fluent in Python, C, C++, and Java

Lots of other good info on the list, but I am guessing you are best 
looking at Neutron based on your skills.  Modular L2 and so on might be 
better places for you to make contributions.

Nova is the management of virtual machines:  create, destroy etc. As 
such, it tends to consume resources managed by other services. It 
originally owned the networking stuff, but that got split onto its own 
project Quantum, now renamed Neutron.  While there is certainly Network 
smarts required for Nova, there are much more required in Neutron.

> .
> I'm looking for some pro-bono work to do, and am open to any 
> suggestions, advice, or pleas for help.  I'll need a bit of mentoring, 
> mostly in terms of mentioning terms to study up on.
> I know about as much about OpenStack as I can learn from the Wikipedia 
> entry.  I started setting it up on Ubuntu on Cisco UCS for a project 
> where I worked, but no longer work there.  I don't have any resources 
> other than a Windows laptop and the Internet, but I could wrestle up 
> an x86-based Linux box if necessary (not a rack server, though -- low 
> budget, I'd take an old tower, install a new MOBO, and go from there.)
So long as it has virtualization extensions on it, an old machine should 
be fine.   I think you will want
the resources.  If you are doing networking stuff, it might make sense 
to have a couple to play with so you are not just dealing with Kernel 
level network visualization.

> I'm willing to do tedious grunt work, as long as I'm learning 
> something in the process (at least, to begin with.)  For example, if 
> there's a desire to convert to Python 3, that'd be a great way to get 
> involved, learn a lot, and make a contribution, with minimal deep 
> knowledge required about OpenStack, and hopefully relatively minimal risk.
> Thanks!
> Jeff
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