[openstack-dev] [TripleO] Splitting out dib-core

Clint Byrum clint at fewbar.com
Fri Jun 26 17:21:29 UTC 2015

Excerpts from Gregory Haynes's message of 2015-06-26 08:17:36 -0700:
> Hello TripleOers,
> At the last mid-cycle we briefly discussed whether we should have
> separate groups for tripleo and DIB core and decided it wasn't
> necessary. I would like to revisit that topic.
> It seems clear to me that we have some existing tripleo cores who are
> becoming less familiar with the tripleo project as a whole but are
> highly active in the DIB project. We also have new contributors who are
> fairly active in the DIB project but are not active in the other tripleo
> projects. I would really like a path where new contributors like this
> can become core on DIB but that isn't really an option right now with
> one core group for both tripleo and DIB.
> I'd like to propose we make a new gerrit group for dib-core and add the
> existing tripleo-core members to it (note: this is different than adding
> tripleo-core as a member group of dib-core, which is an alternative).
> This would mean that new tripleo cores would not automatically be DIB
> cores, and new DIB cores would not automatically be tripleo cores.

Why wouldn't we just make dib-core a sub-team for people not familiar
with the broader TripleO effort, and just add tripleo-core to dib-core?

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