[openstack-dev] [Stackalytics] Complementary projects

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Fri Jun 19 16:24:50 UTC 2015

On 06/19/2015 11:40 AM, Jay Pipes wrote:
> On 06/19/2015 10:31 AM, Joe Gordon wrote:
>> On Jun 19, 2015 3:56 PM, "Jay Pipes" <jaypipes at gmail.com
>> <mailto:jaypipes at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>  >
>>  > On 06/19/2015 09:19 AM, Ilya Shakhat wrote:
>>  >>
>>  >> Some reasons of having complementary projects in Stackalytics:
>>  >>   * to compare efforts in other communities with OpenStack - just to
>>  >> feed curiosity on what is larger OpenStack or Kubernetes?
>>  >>   * to light interest to contribute to projects that OpenStack
>> depends
>>  >> on, like OVS and Ansible.
>>  >>   * to keep an eye on commercial interest and know who is sponsoring
>>  >> near-by technologies.
>>  >>
>>  >> I agree that adding complementary projects was an authoritarian
>> decision
>>  >> and ready to remove them in the community version if TC decides so.
>>  >
>>  >
>>  > Hi Ilya,
>>  >
>>  > Personally, I quite like having those complementary projects in
>> Stackalytics, for the reasons you note above.
>>  >
>> Although it's not very useful for 'reviews'
>> http://stackalytics.com/?project_type=complementary
> Sure, agreed :)
>> I also wonder how well maintained the email mappings are for
>> complementary projects.
> Good point. I'm sure there can be many improvements made to the support
> for complementary projects. I was just remarking that I find the
> information there to be interesting, nothing more.

I also find it interesting. I, in fact, added the ansible and python
packaging related repos to the list, because I found it interesting.

It's also nice to see that we're not completely insular - that we, as
OpenStack, also work with others. We have humans working in both
openstack and openvswitch, for instance. And who are working in ansible
and openstack. Etc. I think that's a great positive thing to be able to
highlight - we are, after all, not an island to ourselves, but are part
of a larger community.

So, my vote will be to keep them. I'm only one vote, of course, but I
think it would be a shame to get rid of them.


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