[openstack-dev] [Ironic][Horizon][Tuskar-ui] Making a dashboard for Ironic‏

niuzhenguo niuzhenguo at huawei.com
Thu Jun 18 01:34:22 UTC 2015

Hi Krotscheck,

Sorry for not attending the last meeting due to TZ.

Yes, Horizon is moving towards an Angular application, but for now there’s no any Angular Dashboard landed. I think it’s high time that we should make a standard for other projects which want to horizon compatible on whether they should based on Angular Dashboard or the current Horizon framework. This is important for the new Magnum and Ironic UI, personally, I’d prefer to use the current framework and  move to Angular Dashboard when it’s mature.

And after a quick look at your JS project, I think it’s totally a standalone UI not based on Horizon Angular Dashboard (correct me if I missed something), and seems there’s no any update over a month, are you planning to push you repo to stackforge or openstack?

Anyway, it’s clear that we should make an Ironic dashboard, it’s a good start.


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Hey there!

Yes, we are duplicating effort. I've spent quite a bit of effort over the past few months landing features inside openstack that will make it possible for a JavaScript client to be imported to horizon as a dependency. This includes CORS, configuration, caching, infra tooling, etc, with the end goal being a maximum amount of code reusability between the standalone UI and Horizon. While it may not appear that way, I _am_ actively working on this project, though I'm currently focused on javascript infrastructure tooling and oslo middleware than the ironic webclient itself.

With Horizon also moving towards an angular application, I feel it makes far more sense to build components for the "new" Horizon than the old one.


On Tue, Jun 16, 2015 at 9:02 PM NiuZhenguo <niuzhenguoing at hotmail.com<mailto:niuzhenguoing at hotmail.com>> wrote:
hi folks,

I'm planning to propose a new horizon plugin ironic-dashboard to fill the gap that ironic doesn't have horizon support. I know there's a nodes panel on "infrastructure" dashboard handled by tuskar-ui, but it's specifically geared towards TripleO. Ironic needs a separate dashboard to present an interface for querying and managing ironic's resources (Drivers, Nodes, and Ports).

After discussion with the ironic community, I pushed an ironic-dashboard project to stackforge [1].

Also there's an existing JS UI for ironic in developing now [2], we may try to resolve the same goals, but as an integrated openstack project, there's clear needs to have horizon support.

I'd like to get what's your suggestion, thanks in advance.

[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/191131/
[2] https://github.com/krotscheck/ironic-webclient

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