[openstack-dev] [all] FYI - dropping non RabbitMQ support in devstack

Dan Smith dms at danplanet.com
Wed Jun 17 20:16:46 UTC 2015

> Every change like this makes it harder for newcomers to participate.
> Frankly, it makes it harder for everyone because it means there are
> more moving parts, but in this specific case many of the people
> involved in these messaging drivers are relatively new, so I point
> that out.

I dunno about this. Having devstack migrate away from being an
opinionated tool for getting a test environment up that was eminently
readable to what it is today hasn't really helped anyone, IMHO. Having
some clear plug points such that we _can_ plug in the bits we need for
testing without having every possible option be embedded in the core
seems like goodness to me. I'd like to get back to the days where people
actually knew what was going on in devstack. That helps participation too.

I think having devstack deploy what the 90% (or, being honest, 99%) are
running, with the ability to plug in the 1% bits when necessary is much
more in line with what the goal of the tool is.

> The already difficult task of setting up sufficient
> functional tests has now turned into "figure out devstack", too.

Yep, my point exactly. I think having clear points where you can setup
your thing and get it plugged in is much easier.


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