[openstack-dev] [GBP][Heat] Group-based Policy plug-in for Heat

Zane Bitter zbitter at redhat.com
Wed Jun 17 12:56:10 UTC 2015

Every day I get an email about broken dependencies for the group-based 
policy Heat plugin in Fedora (openstack-heat-gbp), because the version 
of Heat it depends on is capped. Two points:

1) Would whoever maintains that package (Bob?) please fix it :)

2) Why was this plugin not submitted to /contrib in the Heat repo so 
that it could be continuously tested & maintained against the Heat code 
base, thus avoiding any compatibility problems with future versions? 
This is the entire reason we have /contrib. In fact, if you think the 
resources are in close to their final form (i.e. the API is not super 
experimental still), I think we may even be willing to accept them into 
the main tree at this point.


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