[openstack-dev] [Ironic] ironic-lib library

Lucas Alvares Gomes lucasagomes at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 15:54:55 UTC 2015


> I haven't paid any attention to ironic-lib; I just knew that we wanted to
> have a library of common code so that we didn't cut/paste. I just took a
> look[1] and there are files there from 2 months ago. So far, everything is
> under ironic_lib (ie, no subdirectories to group things). Going forward, are
> there guidelines as to where/what goes into this library?

I don't think we have guidelines for the struct of the project, we
should of course try to organize it well.

About what goes into this library, AFAICT, this is place where code
which is used in more than one project under the Ironic umbrella
should go. For example, both Ironic and IPA (ironic-python-agent)
deals with disk partitioning, so we should create a module for disk
partitioning in the ironic-libs repository which both Ironic and IPA
will import and use.

> I think it would be good to note down the process wrt using this library.
> I'm guessing that having this library will most certainly delay things wrt
> development. Changes will need to be made to the library first, then need to
> wait until a new version is released, then possibly update the min version
> in global-requirements, then use (and profit) in ironic-related projects.
> With the code in ironic, we were able to do things like change the arguments
> to methods etc. With the library -- do we need to worry about backwards
> compatibility?

I would say so, those are things that we have to take in account when
creating a shared library. But it also brings benefits:

1. Code sharing
2. Bug are fixed in one place only
3. Flexibility, I believe that more projects using the same code will
require it to be more flexible

> How frequently were we thinking of releasing a new version? (Depends on
> whether anything was changed there that is needed really soon?)

Yes, just like the python-ironicclient a release can be cut when needed.

Thanks for starting this thread, it would be good to the community
evaluate whether we should go forward with ironic-libs or not.


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