[openstack-dev] stackforge projects are not second class citizens

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Mon Jun 15 16:22:07 UTC 2015

Joe Gordon wrote:
> [...]
> Below is a list of the first few few projects to join OpenStack after
> the big tent, All of which have now been part of OpenStack for at least
> two months.[1]
> * Mangum -  Tue Mar 24 20:17:36 2015
> * Murano - Tue Mar 24 20:48:25 2015
> * Congress - Tue Mar 31 20:24:04 2015
> * Rally - Tue Apr 7 21:25:53 2015 
> When looking at stackalytics [2] for each project, we don't see any
> noticeably change in number of reviews, contributors, or number of
> commits from before and after each project joined OpenStack.

Also note that release and summit months are traditionally less active
(some would say "totally dead"), so comparing April-May to anything else
is likely to not mean much. I'd wait for a complete cycle before
answering this question. Or at the very least compare it to
October-November from the previous cycle.

If we do so for the few projects that existed in October 2014, that
would point to a rather steep increase:

Look at Oct/Nov in:

And compare to April/May in:

Same for Rally:

Only Congress was slightly more active in the first months of Kilo than
in the first months of Liberty.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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