[openstack-dev] [Magnum] Docker Native Networking

Adrian Otto adrian.otto at rackspace.com
Fri Jun 12 18:22:17 UTC 2015


OpenStack Networking support for Magnum Bays was an important topic for us in Vancouver at the design summit. Here is one blueprint that requires discussion that’s beyond the scope of what we can easily fit in the BP whiteboard:


Before we dive into implementation planning, I'll offer these as guardrails to use as a starting point:

1) Users of the Swarm bay type have the ability to create containers. Those containers may reside on different hosts (Nova instances). We want those containers to be able to communicate with each other over a network similar to the way that they can over the Flannel network used with Kubernetes.

2) We should leverage community work as much as possible, combining the best of Docker and OpenStack to produce an integrated solution that is easy to use, and exhibits performance that's suitable for common use cases.

3) Recognize that our Docker community is working on libnetwork [1] which will allow for the creation of logical "networks" similar to "links" that allow containers to communicate with each other across host boundaries. The implementation is pluggable, and we decided in Vancouver that working on a Neutron plugin for libnetwork could potentially make the user experience  consistent whether you are using Docker within Magnum or not.

4) We would like to plug in Neutron to Flannel as a modular option for Kubernetes Bays, so both solutions leverage OpenStack networking, and users can use familiar, native tools.

[1] https://github.com/docker/libnetwork

Please let me know what you think of this approach. I’d like to re-state the Blueprint description, clear the whiteboard, and put up a spec that will accommodate in-line comments so we can work on the implementation specifics better in context.

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