[openstack-dev] [OpenStack-Infra] Need help! Zuul can notconnect to port 29418 of review.openstack.org

changzhi changzhi at unitedstack.com
Fri Jun 12 10:05:36 UTC 2015

Hi, I met the same problem as you. I resolve this problem by change git url. You can do like this:
1. Get a http password from https://review.openstack.org/#/settings/http-password
2. Set git url like this: git remote set-url gerrit https://username:password@review.openstack.org/openstack/stackforge/tacker.git
Above maybe can helps you.
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Thanks Tom, the method you provide is really a good idea, but probably it won't work for a 3rd CI. I have tried to change ssh to https for 3rd CI, but it is not a simple work like that. It related to lots of zuul code change.

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On 12/06/15 17:04, liuxinguo wrote:
> Hi,
> Recentlyour CI can not connect to port 29418 of 
> review.openstack.org.<app:ds:recently>
> Following are the failuer message, is there anyone know the reasion 
> why our CI can not cennect to 29418 of review.openstack.org?

That port on review.openstack.org currently appears to be blocked by China country-level firewall.

In this case, changing access from SSH to HTTPS could help avoid the block, like in Clark's email:




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