[openstack-dev] [puppet] [Swift] Multiple proxy recipes will create out of sync rings

Mark Kirkwood mark.kirkwood at catalyst.net.nz
Fri Jun 12 05:27:31 UTC 2015

I've looking at using puppet-swift to deploy a swift cluster.

Firstly - without 
I would have struggled a great deal more to get up and running, so a big 
thank you for a nice worked example of how to do multiple nodes!

However I have stumbled upon a problem - with respect to creating 
multiple proxy nodes. There are some recipes around that follow on from 
the site.pp above and explicitly build >1 proxy (e.g 

Now the problem is - each proxy node does a ring builder create, so ends 
up with *different* builder (and therefore) ring files. This is not 
good, as the end result is a cluster with all storage nodes and *one* 
proxy with the same set of ring files, and *all* other proxies with 
*different* ring (and builder) files.

I have used logic similar to the attached to work around this, i.e only 
create rings if we are the 'ring server', otherwise get 'em via rsync.



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  # create the ring if we are the ring server
  if $ipaddress_eth0 == ringserver_local_net_ip {
    class { 'swift::ringbuilder':
      # the part power should be determined by assuming 100 partitions per drive
      part_power     => '18'
      replicas       => '2'
      min_part_hours => 1
      require        => Class['swift'],

    # sets up an rsync db that can be used to sync the ring DB
    class { 'swift::ringserver':
      local_net_ip => $ipaddress_eth0,

    # exports rsync gets that can be used to sync the ring files
    @@swift::ringsync { ['account', 'object', 'container']:
      ring_server => $ipaddress_eth0,
  } else {
    # collect resources for synchronizing the ring databases

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