[openstack-dev] [Openstack] Add table to Nova DB

Andrew Laski andrew at lascii.com
Thu Jun 11 17:51:07 UTC 2015

On 06/11/15 at 01:17pm, Jay Pipes wrote:
>Replying to openstack-dev ML, which is where this question belongs.
>On 06/11/2015 11:10 AM, Silvia Fichera wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I have to add a table to Nova DB (I will populated it statically by now).
>>I found this post:
>>But since it is a little bit "old" I need to know if there are any
>>changes and if it is the right way to follow.
>>In this table I want to report network stats information (latency,
>>badwidth, etc.). By now I want to insert manually those data.
>I know this is going to sound harsh, but you should not be extending 
>Nova's database in any way outside of submissions to the upstream 
>Nova codebase.

+1.  If a future Nova database change would happen to conflict with a 
local database change you are not going to enjoy resolving that.

In the Nova deployment I help manage we have made a lot of local 
modifications to the code for our business purposes, but we have never 
and will never touch the database outside of upstream for that reason.

>What it sounds like you want to do is to publish network statistics 
>(bandwidth/IO in and out of VMs) about your instances. If that is 
>correct, you should probably look to the Ceilometer project to meet 
>your needs.
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