[openstack-dev] [Magnum] Discuss configurable-coe-api-port Blueprint

Kai Qiang Wu wkqwu at cn.ibm.com
Thu Jun 11 01:35:54 UTC 2015

I’m moving this whiteboard to the ML so we can have some discussion to
refine it, and then go back and update the whiteboard.


@Sdake and I have some discussion now, but may need more input from your

1. keep apserver_port in baymodel, it may only allow admin to have (if we
involved policy) create that baymodel, have less flexiblity for other

2. apiserver_port was designed in baymodel, if moved from baymodel to bay,
it is big change, and if we have other better ways. (it also may apply for
other configuration fileds, like dns-nameserver etc.)


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