[openstack-dev] [packaging] Adding packaging as an OpenStack project

Dirk Müller dirk at dmllr.de
Wed Jun 10 10:24:34 UTC 2015

Hi Derek,

> I selected these 80 to move all of what RDO is currently maintaining on
> gerrithub to review.openstack.org, this was perhaps too big a set and in RDO
> we instead may need to go hybrid.

Yeah, In my opinion we ahve lots of repeated divergence between the
different python modules, so getting them sorted out in a small set of
packages and then extending it to all python-* modules (and then as a
3rd step to all openstack-* modules) would be a better approach in my
opinion (small steps).

> 1. pull what I've proposed (or a subset of it) into a rpm namespace and from
> there work in package to get them to a point where all rpm interested
> parties can use them.


> 3. Same as 2 but start with Suse packaging

well, imho we should have a look at which starting point makes more
sense for both of us. I see goods and bads in the spec files on both
sides (of course my view is a bit biased on that :-) ).

> For this specific example I think differences of opinion are ok, we should
> provide the tools for each party interest in the packaging can hook in their
> own patches (I'm not sure what this would look like yet), I'm assuming here
> that we would also have deployer's out there interested who would have their
> own custom patches and bug fixes that they are interested in.

Right, that might be a good solution (use pristine upstream packaging
and provide tools for downstream to modify/add patches easily).
For most of the python-* dependencies we have zero patches so its not
a big issue for the initial step, it gets more complex as we get
closer to the python*clients and openstack* packages, as we tend to
have a need for patches in there that have not yet been merged
upstream (for whatever reason).

> +1, maybe we should schedule something in a few days where we could go
> though the differences of a specific package and how things could take
> shape.

Good idea. Whats a good time and date? I'm mostly available
tomorrow-Sunday in the CEST time zone.


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