[openstack-dev] [glance] [nova] Glance bug with Kilo upgrade & Nova

Flavio Percoco flavio at redhat.com
Tue Jun 9 06:47:06 UTC 2015

On 08/06/15 11:46 -0400, Clayton O'Neill wrote:
>We tested testing Kilo upgrades in our hardware dev environments last week and
>the second time through ran into this bug which right now is probably a
>show-stopper for us.
>The issue here is that the v1 Glance API allows you to create images with
>properties that are 'NULL' in the Glance database.  For example:
>    glance image-create --name cirros_test --disk-format qcow2
>--container-format bare --file cirros-0.3.4-x86_64-disk.img --is-public True
>--is-protected True --progress --property description=
>It's apparently also fairly easy to end up with a NULL description when editing
>images properties via Horizon.
>The issue is that the v2 Glance API returns these NULL properties to the
>client, which then validates them against the schema returned by the v2 API. 
>This schema returns specifies that the description property *must* be a string.
>In the Kilo release, Nova has been changed to use the v2 API, so suddenly this
>matters.  The net effect is that end users can pretty easily create properties
>with NULL values, and then won't be able to boot instances using those images. 
>What makes this worse is that it's completely opaque to end users, since this
>just reports that no node was available to schedule the instance.
>However, Nova *only* uses the v2 api to list images if the
>glance.allowed_direct_url_schemes config key is set in the config file. 
>However, this config item defaults to an empty array, meaning that by default
>it's *always* set.  There doesn't appear to be a way to unset a value with
>oslo-config that has a default value, blocking off that route to work around
>the issue.  Disabling the v2 Glance API we don't think will work, since Nova
>appears to assume the v2 API is available.

AFAIK, Nova supports V2 image-lists since before Juno when the
allowed_direct_url_schemes config option is set. Are you referring to
another change? Has the default been changed in Nova? I'm asking
because I was working on this migration to V2 and we decided to
postpone it to L.

>Another work around we've looked at is to change the DB schema for image
>properties (yuck) to not allow NULL values.  This results in Glance returning a
>500 error since glance-api is attempting to insert an invalid value.  This is
>better than instances failing in an opaque fashion, but still pretty horrible.
>Has anyone else run into this issue yet?  Are there other work arounds that
>we've not thought of other than "Don't create images with NULL properties?"  
>User education is definitely an option, but given the failure mode, it's not a
>great solution for us.

I believe this needs to be fixed in the client rather than the API
and/or the schemas. I'll take a look at this right away.

Another workaround could be updateting `schema-image.json` to add the
schemas that are missing and let the client download the final schema
from the V2 API.

Keep an eye on the bug, patches coming your way (assuming what I have
in mind will work).

Flavio Percoco
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