[openstack-dev] [global-requirements][pbr] tarball and git requirements no longer supported in requirements.txt

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Mon Jun 8 18:10:41 UTC 2015

On 2015-06-09 05:49:35 +1200 (+1200), Robert Collins wrote:
> I already said that the git entry should be to a local zuul-cloner
> cloned repo. Kevin's *current* 3rd-party CI solution is doing
> full-clones each time.

Aah, yep, I missed in his reply that it would be a local repo on the
filesystem referenced as a URL in test-requirements.txt. Something
still needs to create that local repo, so for devs running tox
locally a little additional automation is needed. Sounds like that's
what his installer script callout would take care of.

> BTW pip can trivially re-use git repositories if you specify the
> --source path in e.g. pip.conf, but thats a separate discussion IMO
> :).

Oh! That's useful. I wonder if we could leverage that in our CI to
tell tox where to find git repos we've pre-cloned for the job
without having to precreate an env and manually pip install into it.
Jeremy Stanley

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