[openstack-dev] [Ironic] Time to decide something on the vendor tools repo

Dmitry Tantsur dtantsur at redhat.com
Thu Jun 4 13:29:23 UTC 2015

Hi again!

~ half an hour has passed since my last email, and now I have one more 
question to discuss and decide!

On the summit we were discussing things like chassis discovery, and 
arrived at rough conclusion that we want it to be somewhere in a 
separate repo. More precisely, we wanted some place for vendor to 
contribute code (aka scripts) that aren't good fit for both standard 
interfaces and existing vendor passthrough (chassis discovery again is a 
good example).

I suggest to decide something finally to unblock people. A few questions 

Should we
1. create one repo for all vendors (say, ironic-contrib-tools)
2. create a repo for every vendor appearing
3. ask vendors to go for stackforge, at least until their solution 
shapes (like we did with inspector)?
4. %(your_variant)s

If we go down 1-2 route, should
1. ironic-core team own the new repo(s)?
2. or should we form a new team from interested people?
(1 and 2 and not exclusive actually).

I personally would go for #3 - stackforge. We already have e.g. 
stackforge/proliantutils as an example of something closely related to 
Ironic, but still independent.

I'm also fine with #1#1 (one repo, owned by group of interested people).

What do you think?


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