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Li Tianqing jazeltq at 163.com
Thu Jun 4 03:23:48 UTC 2015

     In our envirment, we find, the oslo_messaging can cause message to send twice in chance.
     i find when we send a message that needs reply. oslo_messaging will get a reply queue first.
    def _get_reply_q(self):
        with self._reply_q_lock:
            if self._reply_q is not None:
                return self._reply_q

            reply_q = 'reply_' + uuid.uuid4().hex

            conn = self._get_connection(rpc_amqp.PURPOSE_LISTEN)

            self._waiter = ReplyWaiter(reply_q, conn,

            self._reply_q = reply_q
            self._reply_q_conn = conn

        return self._reply_q
     We do not make the reply queue every time when we send a message.
     But when we send successfully, but the conneciton for reply is socket close. The client will wait for timeout for first message. 
     Then the message will be send again to consumers to retry.




    Li Tianqing
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