[openstack-dev] [fuel] FF Exception request for Fernet tokens support

Bogdan Dobrelya bdobrelia at mirantis.com
Fri Jul 24 07:17:03 UTC 2015

> Fuel Library team, I expect your immediate reply here.
> I'd like upgrades team to take a look at this one, as well as at the one
> which moves Keystone under Apache, in order to check that there are no
> issues here.
> -1 from me for this time in the cycle. I'm concerned about:
>    1. I don't see any reference to blueprint or bug which explains (with
>    measurements) why we need this change in reference architecture, and what
>    are the thoughts about it in puppet-openstack, and OpenStack Keystone. We
>    need to get datapoints, and point to them. Just knowing that Keystone team
>    implemented support for it doesn't yet mean that we need to rush in
>    enabling this.
>    2. It is quite noticeable change, not a simple enhancement. I reviewed
>    the patch, there are questions raised.
>    3. It doesn't pass CI, and I don't have information on risks associated,
>    and additional effort required to get this done (how long would it take to
>    get it done)
>    4. This feature increases complexity of reference architecture. Now I'd
>    like every complexity increase to be optional. I have feedback from the
>    field, that our prescriptive architecture just doesn't fit users' needs,
>    and it is so painful to decouple then what is needed vs what is not. Let's
>    start extending stuff with an easy switch, being propagated from Fuel
>    Settings. Is it possible to do? How complex would it be?
> If we get answers for all of this, and decide that we still want the
> feature, then it would be great to have it. I just don't feel that it's
> right timing anymore - we entered FF.
> Thanks,

I vote -1 for the same reasons. Besides that, this feature seems already
partially supported in puppet openstack upstream [0], hence should be
developed and finished upstream first. Even if it wasn't at all - we
should follow our contribution rules and do not develop features like
Fernet tokens or v3 API in our forks.

So, the next steps as I see them are:

1) Freeze feature in fuel
2) Submit a spec to openstack puppet to make the feature completed
(address revocation, expiration, rotation of the fernet tokens). This
also seems related to the already existing blueprint for fuel [1] and
the mail thread [2]
3) Implement the feature upstream
4) Backport this to fuel fork in 8.0, or consume it upstream
directly in the case the related blueprint [3] will be already
implemented by that time.

[0] https://review.openstack.org/185441
[1] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/fuel/+spec/fernet-tokens-support
[2] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2015-July/069744.html
[3] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/fuel/+spec/fuel-puppet-librarian

Best regards,
Bogdan Dobrelya,
Irc #bogdando

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