[openstack-dev] [kolla][magnum] Removal of Daneyon Hansen from the Core Reviewer team for Kolla

Steven Dake (stdake) stdake at cisco.com
Wed Jul 22 20:47:17 UTC 2015

Fellow Kolla developers,

Daneyon has been instrumental in getting Kolla rolling and keeping our project alive.  He even found me a new job that would pay my mortgage and Panamera payment so I could continue performing as PTL for Kolla and get Magnum off the ground.  But Daneyon has conferred with me that he has a personal objective of getting highly involved in the Magnum project and leading the container networking initiative coming out of Magnum.  For a sample of his new personal mission:


I’m a bit sad to lose Daneyon to Magnum, but life is short and not sweet enough.  I personally feel people should do what makes them satisfied and happy professionally.  Daneyon will still be present at the Kolla midcycle and contribute to our talk (if selected by the community) in Tokyo.  I expect Daneyon will make a big impact in Magnum, just as he has with Kolla.

In the future if Daneyon decides he wishes to re-engage with the Kolla project, we will welcome him with open arms because Daneyon rocks and does super high quality work.

NB Typically we would vote on removal of a core reviewer, unless they wish to be removed to focus on on other projects.  Since that is the case here, there is no vote necessary.

Please wish Daneyon well in his adventures in Magnum territory and prey he comes back when he finishes the job on Magnum networking :)


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