[openstack-dev] [rpm-packaging] Meeting minutes IRC meeting July 16th

Dirk Müller dirk at dmllr.de
Thu Jul 16 16:58:16 UTC 2015


extraction of the meeting minutes from

we agreed to switch to the standard way of doing meeting minutes once
the infra review got merged. its a bit of a short minutes, feel free
to reach out to number80 or me in case you have questions.


    derekh, dirk, toabctl, number80, apevec, jruzicka

* Regular Meeting schedule:        thursday 4pm CET every two weeks
* define short term goal clearer vs long term goal
* topics that are ongoing:
* continuous builds
* generic rpm specs
* shared stable maintenance


short term goal for liberty:
* have openstackclient and its deps templatized and packaged so that
we can directly create downstream spec files that build and work
* deliverable will be spec files

AI: need to define testing criteria  for gating

longer term goal:

* kill downstream packaging efforts if package exists in rpm-packaging
* maintain packaging for the stable/ lifecycle
** perhaps also extend stable/ branch lifecycle to satisfy our needs
(not sure, worth a try)
* continuous builds
* revisit import downstream packages in a two months frame
* gather gating idea on wiki page

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