[openstack-dev] [testing] moving testrepository *outside* the tox venv

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Wed Jul 15 02:52:18 UTC 2015

On 13 July 2015 at 06:19, Mike Bayer <mbayer at redhat.com> wrote:
> On 7/11/15 6:04 AM, Robert Collins wrote:
>> Wearing my upstream hat, testr is *still* intended to be used differently
>> than OpenStack is doing. Running all the tests for all python versions at
>> once in parallel is the sort of thing testr is aimed at, and thats fairly
>> fundamentally incompatible with running from inside a venv. As is
>> distributed testing across multiple machines. I haven't had time to help
>> OpenStack mature its use of testr until recently, and fixing these issues
>> that are and will have seems pretty important to me.
> this is totally a peanut gallery comment, as I haven't carefully read this
> whole thread, but doesn't this mean that the use of testr *and* tox at the
> same time is fundamentally wrong?   Because tox's main purpose is to
> facilitate running tests in multiple environments (though not simultaneously
> / distributed).  If testr already does that, why are we using tox?  (other
> than the IMO fairly obvious, "it's used ubiquitously, is popular, and
> everyone knows how to use it" argument).

It's a totally reasonable question.... and the answer is that they are
tox is Python specific.

testr is not.

testr doesn't want to learn about making sdists, for instance :).

So use tox to setup a given virtualenv, and testr to run the tests
within that. I think that testr wants to orchestrate that, eventually.

For now, all we need to do (AFAICT) is:

a - get testr installed on the infra images
b - update the developer docs to also instruct folk to install testr
c - stop using the (ugh, it was a mistake) setup.py glue that runs testr
d - remove testrepository from everyone's test-requirements.txt

step c) is likely to uncover one or more missing integration points in
testr, which we'll fix promptly.


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