[openstack-dev] [qa] identity v3 issue causing non-admin job to fail

David Kranz dkranz at redhat.com
Tue Jul 14 19:46:31 UTC 2015

Now that the tempest periodic jobs are back (thanks infra!), I was 
looking into the real failures. It seems the main one is caused by the 
fact that the v3 check for primary creds fails if 'admin_domain_name' in 
the identity section is None, which it is when devstack configures 
tempest for non-admin.

The problem is with this code and there is even a comment related to 
this issue. There are various ways to fix this but I'm not sure what the 
value should be for the non-admin case. Andrea, any ideas?


def get_credentials(fill_in=True, identity_version=None, **kwargs):
     params = dict(DEFAULT_PARAMS, **kwargs)
     identity_version = identity_version or CONF.identity.auth_version
     # In case of "v3" add the domain from config if not specified
     if identity_version == 'v3':
         domain_fields = set(x for x in 
                             if 'domain' in x)
         if not domain_fields.intersection(kwargs.keys()):
             # TODO(andreaf) It might be better here to use a dedicated 
             # option such as CONF.auth.tenant_isolation_domain_name
             params['user_domain_name'] = CONF.identity.admin_domain_name
         auth_url = CONF.identity.uri_v3
         auth_url = CONF.identity.uri
     return auth.get_credentials(auth_url,

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