[openstack-dev] [Neutron] adding new vendor driver to upstream

Vadivel Poonathan vadivel.openstack at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 23:01:29 UTC 2015


I have a Neutron plugin (actually a mechanism_driver under ML2) developed
for Alcatel-Lucent Omniswitches and is currently being used. But it is not
part of Neutron upstream, nor listed in the docs/wiki section. I tried to
make it part of Kilo release, but that was when the decomposition proposal
was going on. Infact i reviewed the blueprint spec and provided some
comments too. Since i had to decompose my driver as per the Kilo's
decomposition spec, i deferred it to make it as part of Liberty release.

Now going thru some wiki pages, blueprint specs etc, i 'm not clear on the
procedures/criteria to make my driver integrated with upstream Neutron.
Its all scattered and some says "all vendor code" is moved out-of-tree in
Liberty, some says only vendor library is moved, some says third-party CI
system is no longer required, some says it is one of the key requirement.

*So i appreciate if someone could get me the exact step-by-step  procedure
(the most recent, applicable to Liberty release) to have my driver released
as part of Liberty and its documentation. *

Here is my objective...
1) make my mechanism driver pkg available in the Neutron repository,
accessible by public
2) update my mechanism driver in the list of supported vendor plugin/driver
page, along with some documentation

Pls. advise.

Thanks and Regards,
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