[openstack-dev] [glance] A better way to reach out the entire community

Flavio Percoco flavio at redhat.com
Thu Jul 9 18:56:40 UTC 2015


Before I even get started with this email, I'd like to make it clear
that I'm sending it out assuming the good faith of everyone and the
willingness of the Glance community to work together on improving our
workflow. We all do what we do on the best interests of the project.

My holidays are around the corner and that'd made me think, yet again,
at how hard it can be to keep up with Glance discussions sometimes.
Since I'll be out, I wanted to send this email before I go with the
hope that it'll make my - and others - life simpler when I'll be back.

Unfortunately, it's become more and more common for the Glance
community to have side discussions, just-irc discussions, and who
knows what else. Even in my normal working days, I've had to find
things that should've been discussed in the mailing list on my own.

Timezones are hard and chasing people on every timezone through IRC is
impossible. That's exactly the reason why we use our mailing list so
much. Because we want to reach out to as many people as possible. Yes,
it sometimes comes with the cost of "extra noise" - as some folks call
it - or slower discussions but hey, we're a worldwide community.

I'd like to ask everyone in the Glance community to think about people
that might not be around and that could be interested in a certain
discussion/topic. If names come up when you ask yourself that
question. please, *send an email to the m-l*. Private emails, 99.9% of
the time, are not what you want.

I most certainly won't read 1 week of logs from the glance (or any)
channel when I'll be back and we can't expect anyone to do that. FWIW,
I'm not suggesting discussing things on IRC is bad but I do believe
that the best way to reach out to the entire community is through the
mailing list.

Have a good one,

P.S: Also, remember we've folks in TZs that are quite far-away from
each other ;)

Flavio Percoco
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