[openstack-dev] [testing] moving testrepository *outside* the tox venv

Ian Cordasco ian.cordasco at RACKSPACE.COM
Thu Jul 9 13:24:52 UTC 2015

On 7/9/15, 01:34, "Flavio Percoco" <flavio at redhat.com> wrote:

>On 08/07/15 22:52 +0000, Jeremy Stanley wrote:
>>On 2015-07-09 10:37:17 +1200 (+1200), Robert Collins wrote:
>>> So - I'm looking to:
>>> A) have a discussion and identify any issues with moving testr out of
>>> the venvs. (Note: this doesn't mean stop using it, just removing it
>>> from test-requirements.txt, in the same way that tox isn't in
>>> test-requirements.txt).
>>> B) Capture that in a spec if its non-trivial.
>>> C) find volunteers to make it happen.
>>D) keep reminding developers to install it on their systems when
>>they ask why they can't run tests
>>E) keep reminding developers to upgrade to a newer version when they
>>start running into bugs which aren't exhibited in our CI
>>I think the original decision to install it inside the tox
>>virtualenv was because:
>>1. it made migrating from nose easier because we didn't have to add
>>new steps in the basic workflow
>>2. it's one less thing developers need to know to install on their
>>3. it makes sure a new enough version is being used (matching the
>>version used in our CI)
>>I'm not arguing against the change, but think it's worth
>>acknowledging the (perhaps marginal) ongoing costs of the solution
>>and asking whether they're outweighed by the ongoing cost of working
>>around the problem.
>I'm not against the proposal in this thread but I'd like to throw another
>option out there:
>We could also make testr create the `.testrepository` dir in the venv
>when running under tox. If this is currently not possible, it'd be a
>matter of adding a CLI param to it that we can pass to make it create
>the dir where we want.
>`tox` has a `toxworkdir` option that you can set to specify the...
>workdir :)

I actually like this idea a lot more than being asked to install a test
dependency system-wide. +1 Flavio

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