[openstack-dev] Should project name be uppercase or lowercase?

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> Hi folks,
> I found the difference between wiki[1] and governance[2].

Yes, we are aware of the differences. I have asked the OpenStack Foundation
legal counsel and they do not have a legal reason to capitalize project

So, in documentation for consistency and to work on more valuable efforts,
we need to stick to the established Documentation Conventions that have
been in place since October 2013.


> wiki says "Generally the capitalization of the project team names like
> swift is lowercase."
> But in governance, written as uppercase like "Nova", "Swift".

I don't believe a machine-readable YAML file indicates style or conventions
for capitalization for a collection.

Yes, I will be doing a patch for service names since it is a source of
reference and if we think it will alleviate confusion I'll also lowercase
the names of the projects in a separate patch.

> How do you think which should we use uppercase vs lowercase for
> representing project names?

I'll be patching the governance repo with some guidelines we have been
using to make them official. The projects.yaml file is the reference point
for the service catalog and documentation, and the doc team maintains a
lookup list on the wiki page referenced above.

Conventions for service names:

   - Uppercase first letter of first word only.
   - Do not use OpenStack in the name of the service.
   - Use module if it is consuming other services (such as heat).
   - Use service in general as that is mostly what is being added as

Conventions for project names:

   - In documentation published to docs.openstack.org, use lower case for
   project names except at the beginning of a sentence or heading title.
   (Note that all heading titles use sentence case for ease of learning
   capitalization rules.)
   - In the service catalog, use lower case.

I hope this clarification helps. Please let me know if you have any
questions or concerns.


> [1]https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/Conventions
> [2]
> http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/governance/tree/reference/projects.yaml
> Best Regards,
> Yuiko Takada
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