[openstack-dev] [kolla][tc] Plans for using Pre-2.0 Ansible modules

Steven Dake (stdake) stdake at cisco.com
Wed Jul 8 02:21:55 UTC 2015

On 7/7/15, 2:05 PM, "Robert Collins" <robertc at robertcollins.net> wrote:

>On 4 July 2015 at 06:53, Steven Dake (stdake) <stdake at cisco.com> wrote:
>> Kolla Devs as well as the Technical Committee,
>> I wanted to get the TC¹s thoughts on this plan of action as we intend to
>> apply for big tent once our Ansible code has completed implementation.
>> the approach outlined in this email seems like a blocker and we should
>> start with #4 instead, it would be immensely helpful to know now.
>> The problem:
>> A whole slew of OpenStack modules exist upstream in the Ansible core
>> directory.  Kolla wants to use these modules.  These files are licensed
>> under the GPLv3.  They will be released with Ansible 2.0 but Ansible
>>2.0 is
>> not yet available.  In the meantime we need these modules to execute our
>> system.  The repo in question is:
>As I understand our current license situation, you won't be eligible
>for big-tent if you depend on GPLv3 code.
>From the requirements "    * Project must have no library dependencies
>which effectively restrict
>      how the project may be distributed or deployed
>So I'm also strongly inclined to recommend you speak to the legal list
>about the implications here. Using a GPLv3 tool via the CLI is very
>different (by the GPL's design) to using it as a library.


I pinged legal-discuss on this matter.  I am hopeful the experts can
provide guidance for the Technical Committee and our project as to how to


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