[openstack-dev] [neutron] Breakage by commit 18bc67d56faef30a0f73429a5ee580e052858cb5

Paul Michali pc at michali.net
Tue Jul 7 15:51:28 UTC 2015

I'm seeing that neutron-vpn repo py27 tests are now failing. Did a git
bisect in Neutron and found that this commit is causing the failure (not
sure what's broken).

commit 18bc67d56faef30a0f73429a5ee580e052858cb5
Author: armando-migliaccio <armamig at gmail.com>
Date:   Thu Jul 2 12:56:24 2015 -0700

    COMMON_PREFIXES cleanup - patch 5/5

    Get rid of COMMON_PREFIXES, as now the prefix is a service's
declaritive property.

    Change-Id: I3d306131df94188f75e69edb13d262721d10bee5
    Depends-on: I0450d0b2bf409d470a3a87bfd96518939759a84e
    Depends-on: Ia34695967cbbec0a1cf0884dad82e096de8539b8
    Depends-on: Ib9517b772fe426eaf0809c439aa3ba0448c7abaa

Here is the bisect log:

# bad: [8b6d13012622d161774b701f3600ee401d63e5ba] Merge
"portsecurity_db_common: Access db columns in a consistent way"
git bisect bad 8b6d13012622d161774b701f3600ee401d63e5ba
# good: [49774afdc111d65cd8c9e73c1c1dee04d9c9f1a8] Merge "Read vif port
information in bulk"
git bisect good 49774afdc111d65cd8c9e73c1c1dee04d9c9f1a8
# good: [e9c4b6d974694e89d4a3bdefd33aea7445387490] Merge "Fall back on
empty path if prefix is missing"
git bisect good e9c4b6d974694e89d4a3bdefd33aea7445387490
# good: [211c0355778c1aef0dd4a44553f604b4fa3f72b3] Merge "Add policy files
specific to NSX plugins"
git bisect good 211c0355778c1aef0dd4a44553f604b4fa3f72b3
# good: [d845c6cdbd1d6d3c5800467cb8de74ac10c059de] Merge "Refactor
IpRuleCommand to take more arguments"
git bisect good d845c6cdbd1d6d3c5800467cb8de74ac10c059de
# good: [26c81334988b3de567964b863e75d9d48532b25e] Merge "Devref for
out-of-tree plugin/driver contribution"
git bisect good 26c81334988b3de567964b863e75d9d48532b25e
# bad: [678ddf4f18f6f3eca7ab2ce13cb4a8fdd655e0d5] Merge "COMMON_PREFIXES
cleanup - patch 5/5"
git bisect bad 678ddf4f18f6f3eca7ab2ce13cb4a8fdd655e0d5
# bad: [18bc67d56faef30a0f73429a5ee580e052858cb5] COMMON_PREFIXES cleanup -
patch 5/5
git bisect bad 18bc67d56faef30a0f73429a5ee580e052858cb5
# first bad commit: [18bc67d56faef30a0f73429a5ee580e052858cb5]
COMMON_PREFIXES cleanup - patch 5/5
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