[openstack-dev] [packaging] [puppet] how to deal with the rename of config files in neutron on upgrade?

Mathieu Gagné mgagne at iweb.com
Thu Jul 2 18:02:49 UTC 2015

Adding [puppet] tag to subject.

On 2015-07-02 11:35 AM, Matt Riedemann wrote:
> This change in neutron [1] renames the linuxbridge and openvswitch
> plugin config files.  I'm familiar with the %config(noreplace) directive
> in rpm but I'm not sure if there is a special trick with rpm to rename a
> config file while not losing the changes in the config file during the
> upgrade.
> Is this just something that has to be handled with trickery in the %post
> macro where we merge the contents together if the old config file
> exists?  Would symbolic links help?
> Changes like this seem like a potential giant pain in the ass for
> packagers.

And people maintaining configuration manager.
Will the agent still consider/read the old configuration file?

I'm not sure how we will be able to maintain compatibility without
involving manual steps or potential misconfiguration. Furthermore, we
have to consider upgrades.

Neutron agent configuration files are already a mess in distribution
packaging. Ok, I exaggerated the situation, it's only a mess with Ubuntu
[2] where it thought it would be a great idea to read the agent config
from ml2_conf.ini instead of ovs_neutron_plugin.ini like all the other

Now as Puppet modules authors, should we just update the path to the
configuration file and hope it's compatible with upstream packages?

> [1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/195277/

[2] https://gist.github.com/mgagne/e2e06f5a8cb283a81cab


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