[openstack-dev] [neutron] db migration for vendor extensions

Henry Gessau gessau at cisco.com
Thu Jul 2 13:23:10 UTC 2015

On Thu, Jul 02, 2015, Fawad Khaliq <fawad at plumgrid.com> wrote:
> After Neutron core and vendor code decomposition [1], it was decided to
> keep db migration scripts in Neutron repo. I was wondering if any of the
> networking-* project owners figured out an alternative to this approach
> where DB migration can reside in networking-* repositories instead. As
> far as DB models are concerned, keeping them in networking-* is simple.
> I plan to introduce some extensions and it would ideal if DB migration and
> DB models live out of Neutron repository. 
> Any suggestions for addressing this? Anyone has a working mechanism?

Neutron's "contributing" devref is being updated to include information about
this. Please participate in the review [2] and let us know if there is anything
you feel is missing or if it can be explained better.

[2] https://review.openstack.org/187267

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