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Georgy Okrokvertskhov gokrokvertskhov at mirantis.com
Wed Jul 1 19:26:21 UTC 2015


I would like to share with the community one of the real use case which we
saw while working with one of the Murano customer and ask an advice. This
customer has multiple OpenStack regions which are serving for different
hypervisors. The reason for that is Oracle OpenStack which is used to work
with Solaris on top of SPARC architecture. There are other hypervisors KVM
and VMWare which are used.

There are multiple applications which should be placed to different regions
based on their requirements (OS, Hypervisor, networking restrictions). As
there is no single cloud, Nova scheduler can’t be used (at least in my
understanding) so we need to have some placement policies to put
applications properly. And obviously we don’t want to ask end user about
the placement.

Right now in Murano we can do this by:


   Hardcoding placement inside application. This approach will work and
   does not require any significant change in Murano. But there are obvious
   limitations like if we have two options for placement which one should be

   Create special placement scheduler application\class in Murano which
   will use some logic to place applications properly. This is better approach
   as nothing is hard coded in applications except their requirements.
   Applications will just have a workflow to ask placement scheduler for a
   decision and then will just use this decision.

   Use some external tool or OpenStack component for placement decision.
   This is a very generic use case which we saw multiple times. Tools like
   CIRBA are often used for this. Murano will need an interface to ask these
   tools. I think about this solution as an extension of 2.

I am aware that Murano is working on integration with Congress and I am
looking for an opportunity here to address real use case of Murano usage in
real customer environment. It will be great to know if OpenStack can offer
something here without involving 3rd party tools. I suspect that this is a
good use case for Congress, but I would like to see how it might be


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