[openstack-dev] [kolla] Kolla-Palooza mid-cycle dates - July 28th, July 29th! - Please mark your calendars!

Steven Dake (stdake) stdake at cisco.com
Wed Jul 1 07:02:03 UTC 2015

Hey folks,

The dates for the Kolla midcycle have been confirmed for July 28th and July 29th.  Coffee/Tea will be provided in the mornings, and catered lunch will be provided with soda or water both days.  A dinner will be held July 28th.  Since budget is really tight for most folks because of a desire to send Engineers to Tokyo for ODS, and the associated costs of Tokyo travel, if you can’t make the Kolla midcycle event in person because of travel costs, we will also have remote participation available.

Remote participation may be a suboptimal experience compared to in-person, but is better then not attending at all, especially for the core reviewers and developers of the project.

I will set up an eventbrite invitation in the morning.  I’d ask folks quickly as possible sign up for the event that plan to attend and provide requested information.  I would have just tackled the eventbrite scheduling tonight and sent this announcement after, but I suspect it may take some time to sort out how precisely to get an event set  up in eventbrite and wanted to be fresh when I did the job ;)


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