[openstack-dev] [nova] Outcome of the nova FFE meeting for Kilo

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Tue Feb 17 02:44:45 UTC 2015


we had a meeting this morning to try and work through all the FFE
requests for Nova. The meeting was pretty long -- two hours or so --
and we did in in the nova IRC channel in an attempt to be as open as
possible. The agenda for the meeting was the list of FFE requests at

I recognise that this process is difficult for all, and that it is
frustrating when your FFE request is denied. However, we have tried
very hard to balance distractions from completing priority tasks and
getting as many features into Kilo as possible. I ask for your
patience as we work to finalize the Kilo release.

That said, here's where we ended up:


    vmware: ephemeral disk support
    API: Keypair support for X509 public key certificates

We were also presented with a fair few changes which are relatively
trivial (single patch, not very long) and isolated to a small part of
the code base. For those, we've selected the ones with the greatest
benefit. These ones are approved so long as we can get the code merged
before midnight on 20 February 2015 (UTC). The deadline has been
introduced because we really are trying to focus on priority work and
bug fixes for the remainder of the release, so I want to time box the
amount of distraction these patches cause.

Those approved in this way are:

    ironic: Pass the capabilities to ironic node instance_info
    libvirt: Nova vif driver plugin for opencontrail
    libvirt: Quiescing filesystems with QEMU guest agent during image
    libvirt: Support vhost user in libvirt vif driver
    libvirt: Support KVM/libvirt on System z (S/390) as a hypervisor platform

It should be noted that there was one request which we decided didn't
need a FFE as it isn't feature work. That may proceed:

    hyperv: unit tests refactoring

Finally, there were a couple of changes we were uncomfortable merging
this late in the release as we think they need time to "bed down"
before a release we consider stable for a long time. We'd like to see
these merge very early in Liberty:

    libvirt: use libvirt storage pools
    libvirt: Generic Framework for Securing VNC and SPICE
Proxy-To-Compute-Node Connections

Thanks again to everyone with their patience with our process, and
helping to make Kilo an excellent Nova release.


Rackspace Australia

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